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Athlete’s Training Institute, (ATi) has become the premiere training
facility for the aspiring athlete in Central Connecticut. We are the
training facility of choice to many local high schools, little leagues,
travel programs and AAU teams in the region, including

our own CT Whalers.

Founded in 2016, ATi was designed to bring the professional training
experience to young athletes in Connecticut. As a premier training
facility, ATi has everything an athlete needs to develop into an elite
player: speed, strength and agility training, nutrition experts, recovery
specialists. A clubhouse atmosphere designed to train athletes in the
social, physical and mental aspects of sport.

As a premier facility, ATi continues to attract top tier college and
professional athletes to train themselves and train others. These elite
athletes are the bloodline of the facility. Coming back in their off-
seasons or after their careers to train our young athletes not only in the
fundamental skills of their sport, but also sharing with them the
knowledge they have gained through their own experiences.

At ATi all programs and individuals who are looking to put in the work
are always welcome to come “Train where the Pros train”!

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